Mapuche Specialties

A 20 minute drive from Leufu Wanglen in Melipeuco sits Folil Koyam, a Mapuche hillside farmhouse run by sisters Mercedes and Ana. Offering a one-of-a-kind meal experience, menus express traditional Mapuche dishes that vary based on the time of year and what the family is growing and raising on-site, from hogs and chickens, to milk cows and fruit trees like Guinda (sour cherry).

Mapuche cuisine is based mainly on the recollection of the cereals and legumes available depending on the season, honoring the strong connection with nature that is at the core of Mapuche beliefs and of their everyday life.

A visit to Araucanía isn’t the same without their home-cooked meal featuring local ingredients and slow cooked specialties.


Roasted Smoked Pork

Fall-off-the-bone tender meat and shards of candied skin. Delectable, and practically braising in its own fatty juices.


Also known as Katuto, mültrün is the equivalent of bread within Mapuche cuisine. Made mainly with wheat flour, mültrün is given an elongated shape and it is usually spread with honey or jam.


Even though Muday is not a dish but a drink, it is also an essential part of the Mapuche diet. It is an alcoholic beverage made with fermented cereal grains, which are served in the final drink. Muday’s alcoholic strength is rather low and its use also has religious significance as it is one of the elements that make up nguillatun, a Mapuche ceremony that seeks a connection with the spiritual world.