Southern Lights

Escape to our private domes in Araucanía’s Andean Cordillera

Leufu (river) Wanglen 
(stars) Camp, receiving
its name in the native
Mapuche language, sits
at this powerful
confluence, where
celestial splendor and
the beauty of the
natural world meet to
form Chile’s spiritual heart.

A stay at one of our two Domos brings into quiet focus the wonder and fragility of the natural world. Explore this special balance from your new home a world away with our thoughtful guidance.


Wood Fires and Creature Comforts — Nature by Design

Each Domo was custom built and designed for the mountain lifestyle. Feel at home while indulging in the ultimate escape embedded in Chile’s untouched wilderness. Each dome includes:

– Private porch with wood-fired hot tub
– Foot path to river below, with wild “Frutilla” strawberries and Araucania’s endemic species
– Furnished kitchenette with gas range, stove top coffee maker, cutting board and what you need to make a simple meal.
– Bedroom with wool blanket, coat rack, breakfast table and chairs and cozy fleece house slippers
– Private bathroom including shower and natural body care amenities 
– Sumi-e watercolor paintings of local flora and fauna by Chilote artist Paola Lopez 
– Wood-fired furnace with daily replenished wood

Trailblazing Forest

Trekking, Reforestation, Flora and Fauna

Live in and learn from nature and its unique expression in Araucania. Enjoy a hike in Leufu Wanglen’s private forest full of endemic flora and fauna of the zone like high gliding white eagles and condors. This is a classroom for growth and an experiment in meaningful living with a thought and heart for the future. Among the special projects, reforestation of the since 2013 Endangered prehistoric Chilean Pine or Araucaria Araucana, the national tree that once stood among Jurassic dinosaurs now at risk from decades of pervasive logging left unchecked until 1990 when it was legally banned. But how about that view!? From the ascent to the summit, several ways to enjoy four of the area’s most impressive sleeping giants — volcanos Tolhuaca, Lonquimay, Llaima, and Sierra Nevada — whether peeking from behind native trees or, on a clear day if you’re lucky, in full 360° splendor each rising from their respective skirt of land into bright baby blue layers of atmosphere thick with hidden stars. So much to ponder, so much to do — with that lens in focus of course.

Mapuche Culture

Regional Cooking, Spiritual Ascents

At the heart of our region are the Mapuche people, the indigenous inhabitants of Southern Chile and Argentina, including Patagonia. When the Spanish arrived in the 18th century, they lived in fertile valleys as hunter gatherers, maintaining a culture which is said to have prevailed since 500 BC — the only group to successfully defend their land and traditions against colonization and imperialist rule. A visit to Araucania is only complete with this essential layer of understanding, experiencing the Mapuche’s practical and spiritual connection to the natural world. From mate at the Batea Mahuida crater crossing the Argentine border, to a farmhouse meal prepared by the sisters of Folil Koyam Gastronomía Mapuche, there is no better way to experience a true taste of local customs and Chile’s history.

The Zone

National Parkland, Thermal Springs and the Seasons

Southern Chile doesn’t get more central that this. Leufu Wanglen Camp is surrounded by an abundance of protected natural resources including two national parks — Conguillio and Tohuaca — and two reserves — Nalcas and Malalcahuello. Whether basking in the summer sun from November to March, autumn’s coat of many colors or tranquil winter snows, each visit welcomes a new way to experience the ecosystem’s hidden treasures at every turn. Enjoy unique access with guided hikes, nature walks and decadent recovery with in afternoon at the Termas Geometricas.

Why Eco-Tourism, in Chile?

There is never been a better or more important time to explore the world in a responsible way.  Chile’s natural resources are enjoying a special time, with countless hectares of newly established parkland and projects devoted to re-wilding, restoring and preserving natural habitats for the future.  Visiting our countryside in a meaningful way stewards this way of life for the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Endroit magnifique, à visiter!”

October 2019

Ariane, via Airbnb

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“100% recomendado!”

September 2019

Max, via Airbnb


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